Happotesti 27.10

Elämää rakkauden kesän jälkeen, Hawkwind 50 vuotta

1. Hawkwind: Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
2. Josefus: Crazy Man
3. Budgie: Guts
4. Gun: Race With The Devil
5. Leaf Hound: Freelance Fiend
6. Black Widow: Come To The Sabbat
7. Julian’s Treatment: A Time Before This Chapter 11 (Fourth From the Sun)
8. Robin Trower: Twice Removed From Yesterday
9. James Gang: The Bomber
10. Grateful Dead: Help On The Way
11. Pink Floyd: One Of These Days
12. Hawkwind Zoo: Kiss Of The Velvet Whip
13. Hawkwind: Lord Of Light
14. Hawklords: PSI Power
15. Hawkwind: Levitation (Live, Lewisham Odeon 1980)
16: Hawkwind: Images
17. Van Der Graaf Generator: Killer
18. Boris: Farewell