Jytä-Ässät 22.4

1. Slade: Rock’n’roll Preacher

2. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Sister Surround

3 .Raging Slab: Take A Hold

4. Monster Magnet: Dopes To Infinity

5. Mustasch: Black City

6. Black Sabbath: Evil Woman

7. The Who: Young Man Blues

8. Humble Pie: Heartbeat

9. Johny Winter: One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)

10. Black Keys: I Got Mine

11. Aimee Mann: High On Sunday 51

12. Edgar Winter’s White Trash: Give It Everything You Got

13. ZZ Top: Ko Ko Blue

14. Greedy Pig: Drinking Bad Water

15. Stone Roses: Love Spreads

16. George Thorogood: Move It On Over

17. Black Sabbath: Die Young

18. Ted Nugent: Paralyzed

19. Thin Lizzy: Cold Sweat

20. Ten Years After: Waiting For The Judgement Day

21. Hellacopters: Hopeless Case Of A Kid Denial

22. Van Halen: Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love