Happotesti 3.5

1. Yes: Roundabout

2. Beatles: A Day In The Life

3. Rolling Stones: 2000 Light Years From Home

4. Cream: I Feel Free

5. Love: Seven And Seven Is

6. The Doors: Strange Days

7. Santana: Hope You’re Feeling Better

8. Joe Cocker: The Letter (Live)

9. Jeff Beck: Morning Dew

10. Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze

11. Jimi Hendrix: Third Stone From The Sun

12. Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile

13. Jimi Hendrix: Angel

14. Jimi Hendrix: Message Of Love

15. Robin Trower: I Can’t Wait Much Longer

16. Hawkwind: Master Of The Universe

17. Jethro Tull: Aqualung

18. Gentle Giant: Wreck

19. Pink Floyd: Time