Progonoosi hakusessa

Eduard Khil	Trololo Song
Electric Light Orchestra	In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Electric Light Orchestra	Night In The City
Electric Light Orchestra	Ticket To The Moon
Jethro Tull	...And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps
Jethro Tull	Acres Wild
Shocking Blue	Fireball of Love
Rush	”2112”
Yes	South Side Of The Sky
Värttinä	Matalii ja mustii
Morcheeba	Howling
Wolmari	Jään tähän
Wolmari	Syvä jää
Sunhillow	Intro
Sunhillow	Eloise Borealis
Kingston Wall	Waste of Time
Time Traveller	Part Three: floating
Time Traveller	Part Four: The Chase
Time Traveller	Part Five: The Great Escape
Kevin Ayers	Stop This Train (Again Doing It)
Rose Laurens	Living In Your Song
Ayreon	Chaos
Ayreon	Dawn of a Million Souls
Ayreon	To the Quasar
Iron Maiden	Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Zappa	Dancin' Fool
The Outer Sonics	Addiction
Blackfield	Pills
Mamyth	Cameleont
Morcheeba	Who Can You Trust?
The Outer Sonics	Fear
Sunhillow	Kuovi