Mårtten ilta 23.1

  1. Link Wray & His Ray Men: Big Ben
  2. Bob Dylan: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  3. the Trashmen: King Of the Surf
  4. the Beatles: I´ll Be Back
  5. the Rolling Stones: Little By Little
  6. the Animals: I´m Crying
  7. the Ventures: Moon Child
  8. John Mayall With Eric Clapton: All Your Love
  9. Janis Ian: Society´s Child
  10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: You Got Me Floatin`
  11. The Kinks: Two Sisters
  12. The Who: Tattoo
  13. The Red Crayola With Familiar Ugly: Transparent Radiation
  14. Kaleidoscope: Flight From Ashiya
  15. Country Joe & the Fish: Grace
  16. Pink Floyd: Corporal Clegg
  17. Traffic: No Time To Live
  18. The Mothers Of Invention: Absolutely Free
  19. Family: Me My Friend
  20. Cream: As You Said
  21. Dr. John, the Night Tripper: Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
  22. The Pretty Things: The Journey
  23. Caravan: Love Song With Flute
  24. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Hair Pie, Bake 2