1.5 Mårtten ilta

  1. The Pop Group: Blind Faith
  2. The Beat Crushers: Tyttö Jota Rakastaa Saa En
  3. P J Harvey: We Float (demo)
  4. Knifeworld: Destroy the World We Love
  5. The Raincoats: Off Duty Trip
  6. Hang On the Box: There Is a City
  7. Wipers: So Young
  8. Os Mutantes: Trem Fantasma
  9. Meat Puppets: Enchanted Porkfist
  10. Tamrat Ferengi & Sensation Band: Antchin Yagegnulet
  11. Mulatu Astatke + Black Jesus Experience: Mulatu
  12. Roy Harper: Cloud Cuckooland
  13. Pere Ubu: Free White
  14. Love: the Daily Planet
  15. Blossom Toes: What On Earth
  16. Tom Waits: Raised Right Hand
  17. Tommy McClennan: Bottle It Up and Go
  18. Dr. John: Eleggua
  19. Chris Barber Jazz & Blues and Dr. John: Down On the Bayou
  20. Jukka Gustavson: Ode To the Poor and the Unemployed
  21. Sweet: Medusa
  22. Bad Sign: Be Seeing You