Mårtten ilta 22.5.

  1. Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band: Ashtray Heart
  2. Joy Division: Heart And Soul
  3. The Pop Group: Justice
  4. Bauhaus: In the Flat Field
  5. Pere Ubu: Horns Are a Dilemma
  6. Siouxsie And The Banshees: Spell Bound
  7. The Raincoats: Odyshape
  8. The Cure: Charloette Sometimes
  9. The Birthday Party: Dull Day
  10. Kate Bush: Sat On a Lap
  11. The Cramps: Can´t Find My Mind
  12. The Who: Athena
  13. Sex Gang Children: Into The Abyss
  14. The Damned: Generals
  15. Minutemen: Colors
  16. Kauko Röyhkä: Vakava Tyttö
  17. Wipers: Romeo
  18. Tom Waits: Underground
  19. Meat Puppets: Up On The Sun
  20. Sonic Youth: Schizophrenia
  21. Lydia Lunch: Dead In The Head
  22. Sielun Veljet: Lainsuojaton
  23. The Red Crayola: Steve McQueen´s Garden
  24. Talk Talk: Desire