Kirjasto soikoon 22.9.2021

  1. Lee Perry: Bathroom skank
  2. Bo Diddley: Can´t judge the book by its cover
  3. Dolly Parton: If I had wings
  4. Agents: Pois hän lähti
  5. Violeta Parra: La carta
  6. Paul Weller: Shades of blue
  7. Cop city: I believe in bebop
  8. Link Wray: Rumble
  9. Jackie DeShannon: Laurel canyon
  10. Bessie Smith: Blue blue
  11. Talking heads: Life during wartime
  12. Sam & Dave: Hold on I´m coming


  1. Daniel Fischlin ja Ajay Heble: Rebel musics. Volume 2. Human rights, resistant sounds, and the politics of music making 
  2. Sarah Smarsh: She come by it natural : Dolly Parton and the women who lived her songs
  3. Atte Varsta: Elvis & minä : suomalaisten tarinoita kuninkaasta  
  4. Jackie Kay: Bessie Smith
  5. Paul Atkinson: Amplified : a design history of the electric guitar
  6. David Byrne: How music works