Soul Bucket 15.9.

1Howard Tate – Ain’t Nobody Home
2Howard Tate – Baby I Love You
3Sven Zetterberg – How Come My Bulldog Don’t Bark
4Janis Joplin – Get It While You Can
5Howard Tate – Shoot ‘Em All Down
6Howard Tate – Stop
7Little Johnny Taylor – Part Time Love
8Carl Hall – You Don’t Know Nothing About Love
9Howard Tate – I Learned It All The Hard Way
10Howard Tate – Sweet Love Child
11Chicago Slim Blues Band – I Know You’re Smokin’ Reefer
12Chicago Slim Blues Band – Help Me
13Howard Tate – Question
14Howard Tate – My Soul’s Got A Hole In It
15Ry Cooder – Look At Granny Run Run
16Aretha Franklin – Eight Days On The Road
17Howard Tate – She’s A Burglar
18Howard Tate – The Bitter End
19Howard Tate – Ain’t Got Nobody To Give It To
20Iguanas – La Cumbia De Chon
21Queen Ida & The Bon Temps Zydeco Band – Frisco Zydeco
22Howard Tate – Mama Was Right
23Howard Tate – Gone
24Howard Tate – Blue Day
25Howard Tate – Buried Treasure