Jim Pembroke muistelot 17.10

  1. Pedro´s Heavy Gentlemen: Matuska Mother
  2. Jim Pembroke and the Beatmakers: I Ain´t Got You
  3. Blues Section: Call Me On Your Telephone
  4. Blues Section: Answer To Life
  5. Wigwam: Greasy Kids Stuff
  6. Wigwam: Henry´s Geographical And Astronomical Mistakes
  7. Wigwam: Henry´s Highway Code
  8. Wigwam: Captain Supernatural
  9. Wigwam: Nothing Shows
  10. Wigwam: Lost Without a Trace
  11. Hot Thumbs O`Riley: Sunday In Gopher Gulch
  12. Hot Thumbs O´Riley: Grass For Blades
  13. Wigwam: Petty-Bourgeous
  14. Jim Pembroke: No More Terra Firma
  15. Wigwam: Just My Situation / Sweet Marie
  16. Wigwam: Kite
  17. Wigwam: Sane Again
  18. Jim Pembroke: Bertha Come Back
  19. Hurriganes: Let´s Drink Today
  20. Jim Pembroke: Midnight In Abbey Road
  21. Jim Pembroke: Party Upstairs