18.1 – Levylaukkumies

Pääesiintyjät – Kaunis Veera

Dolly Parton – Big Dreams And Faded Jeans

Travis Tritt – They Don’t Make Em Like That No More

Travis Tritt – Stand Your Ground

Tracy Lawrence – Angelina

Wild Rooster – Oldschool

Erika Jonsson – Someone Blue

Erika Jonsson – Tailgates

Linus Zander – Promised Land

Sold’s Finest – When I Was Too Young

Aikka Hakala Beaverhunters – Please Don’t Touch

Aikka Hakala Beaverhunters – Cowboy Boots

Aikka Hakala Beaverhunters – My Lips Touched A Liquor

Copper Mountain Band – Can’t Live Without

Gretchen Wilson – Big Wood Deck

The Hub Caps – Wreck Out of Me

The Hub Caps – Around and Around

Steve Earle – Guitar Town

Steve Earle – Hillbilly Highway

Mikko Alatalo – Kiiminkijoen Rannalla

J.Karjalainen – Oulu, Wisconsin

Kalle Kaaja – Liskojen Yö

The Lincolns – Lucky Lips

Mario Bradley – Bip Bop Baby