Press release 1.2.2019

Free for publication 1.2.2019

Roll FM makes a return in the spring of 2019

Short-term radio licences will come into force 10. from April, where the forward Roll FM to hear the capital region FM frequency 102.0 MHz and on internet radio for three months.

The disappointment was huge when you continue to the software license of the application process did not yield us a favorable outcome. A couple of months things to think about we, we have decided to return to the radio waves of the Finnish Sisu power and offer people more circuses, as well as to show all the skeptics how diverse radio programs we are able to produce.

Roll FM station supply is from the beginning, brand new and ancient, domestic and foreign music, thousands of different songs, that is really diverse music selection, which more than three ten program elements are self-chosen. Nearly 300 of the artist guests have visited the channel so far, and more visits are in store. Channel one's aim is to increase Finnish music awareness and educate the listeners, at the same time opening up new ports music wonderful world. This, if what is the cultural work that few radio stations on this day make. All the music we promise to call, but definitely more than any other channel.

Roll FM is targeted at music consumers, music lovers, rockers, bunk rei, hämyille, hippie, jupeille, hillbillies, like all the people that want something new and something old.
Roll FM quality guarantee – if you listen to our channels a week's time, you didn't hear a single think with good pieces, you can put our songs in the hopes that we will implement.


Ari Rajala

Roll Media Ltd
040 969 3248