Mårtten ilta 25.10.

  1. Blossom Toes: Look At Me I´m You
  2. Elisa: Kuusen Taa
  3. Dyble Longdon: Between a Breath And a Breath
  4. Kauko Röyhkä Ja S.A. Hynninen: Yliopistot
  5. Lee Ranaldo / Raul Refree: Words Out Of Haze
  6. Hypnosis: Psycho! Beach! Party!
  7. Alsarah & the Nubatones: Alforac
  8. Jambinai: Echo Of Creation
  9. Kaleidoscope: Dive Into Yesterday
  10. Jukka Gustavson: We Must Change
  11. McDonald And Giles: Is She Waiting?
  12. Gong: When God Shakes Hands With the Devil
  13. Laura Nyro: Light
  14. Van Der Graaf Generator: Forever Falling
  15. Los Jaivas: Antigua Americana
  16. the Who: She Rocked My World
  17. Fishbone: Black Flowers
  18. Faust: La Poulie
  19. Royals: I´m Gonna Roll