Sekametelisoppa 14.2.

  1. The Living End – We  want more
  2. Laki & Järjestys – Kuka lystin kustantaa
  3. Discharger –Don´t know where we going
  4. Jenny Woo –Here we stand
  5. Blackberry smoke –Waiting for thunder
  6. The Southern Pilots – How I like Sibbo wolf
  7. Devil Dog Road –I need money
  8. Jesse Dayton – Boystown
  9. Esa Pakarinen –Hullu mies hullu
  10. Bruce Springsteen –The Power of prayer
  11. Jeff Beck  feat Imelda May –Sitting top of the world
  12. Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker – Whiskey and wimmen´
  13. Texas Oil –If you star rockin (don´t forget to roll)