1.               The Nighthawks                             All´a your love

2.               Cliff Rivers                                    True lips

3.               Bobby Lee Trammell                     Been walking

4.               Tony Borders                                 I won´t believe it

5.               Ronnie Dawson                             My bid desire

6.               Eddie Bell                                      Countin´ the days

7.               Johnny Rivers                                Your first and last love

8.               Donnie Elbert                                 Half and old

9.               Johnny Hudson                              Hanky Panky

10.             Kenny and the Cadets                    Barbie

11.             Bobby Reed                                   High school USA

12.             Jerry Woodard                               I cried

13.             Buddy Stephens                             I´m in love with you

14.             Bobby Comstock & The Counts    Jealous feel

15.             Wayne Haas                                   Leave Linda alone

16.             Barry Mann                                    Little miss USA

17.             Jimmy Johnson                              Lone ranger gonna git married

18.             Chip Fisher                                    No one

19.             Terry Wayne                                  School is out

20.             The Tricks                                      Someone like you

21.             The Tu-Tones                                Still in love with you

22.             Judy Proctor                                   Storm in my heart

23.             Tony Borders                                 Strong wine

24.             Buddy Lee                                     Teen town USA

25.             Glen Wells                                     The one you put down

26.             Jimmy Jordan                                Tick Tock

27.             Terry Woodford                            Where is my little girl

28.             Jerry Woodard                               Wee is me

29.             Vinnie Monte                                 Hey, look at winter snow

30.             Jerry Landis                                   Lone teen ranger

31.             Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones    Black Slacks

32.             Guy Mitchell                                  Rock a billy

33.             Jackie Lee Cochran                        Riverside jump

34.             Jim Lowe                                       By you by you by you

35.             LeVern Baker                                Jim Dandy